Client: The Joyful Heart Foundation
Team: Debbie Millman, Melanie Wiesenthal, Jessie Mcguire, Shaz Bhola, CJ Draper, Maria Sanoja, and Yasemin Uyar
The Joyful Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization in 2004 to support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse through their healing process.

The old Joyful Heart Foundation identity

Our challenge was to develop a visual identity that unifies all sub-brands under the JHF umbrella, simplify understanding, and position the organization for growth.

The new Joyful Heart Foundation visual identity

The JHF master logo applied to a brand architecture

25 page Legislative Handbook for End the Backlog's Rape Kit reform.

The Joyful Heart Foundation 100 page Brand Book

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